What to Expect

What you, as a client can expect in a Bowen therapy session.

A session will begin with a brief discussion of your health history and any symptoms you are aware of. You may remain fully clothed, preferably in light, loose-fitting attire.


Postural and functional assessments will be performed to gain a deeper understanding of the source of any issues you may present with. You, the client will be asked to lay face-down on a massage table (body position may be altered if necessary; i.e., treatment may be performed either in a wheelchair or seated according to the comfort of the client.) The practitioner will perform a set of gentle moves over the client’s muscles or fascia, sometimes followed by a pause, before performing a subsequent set of moves. This pause is intended to allow the brain to facilitate the proprioceptive message received from the Bowen move, and initiate an appropriate response. The theory is that these rolling motions trigger impulses in the brain to:

  •  stimulate healing,
  •  release blocked energy,
  • improve blood flow and
  • facilitate lymphatic drainage.

During the pauses or waits, it would be beneficial to you if you could concentrate on your breathing and relaxation. As practitioner, during the waits I will normally leave the room to allow your brain to assimilate the moves and to allow you to be “in sync” with your own energy field. Each set of moves is part of a procedure, and there are many Bowen technique procedures. The practitioner applies appropriate procedures for each individual. On completion of the session, you may be given suggested exercises and follow-up care procedures. It is also advisable if you can wait on the table for a few minutes after treatment has ended.