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Stress Relief

Bowen aids stress relief

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Bowen Therapy can help you.






By its very nature, Bowen therapy is able to aid the client in stress relief. When stressed, the body immediately is on the defensive – anxious to protect itself from harm. We call this state the Sympathetic nervous system whereby the body is on heightened alert. Important as this is to protect the body from harm, if left in this state for a lengthy period, stress becomes a pattern and we’re unable to function as we need to. Illness often ensues as a result of being in a heightened state of stress.
Bowen therapy enables the body to move from the sympathetic mode (usually referred to as flight-or-fight mode) to a parasympathetic mode (referred to as a rest-and-digest mode.)

In the rest and digest mode, the body uses a lot less energy, blood circulation is more even to the entire body, heart rate settles and the body can, as the term suggests, function more freely going about its natural processes. Bowen therapy is excellent for stress relief of all kinds.

Children and babies can also benefit from the Bowen Technique.
Stress and anxiety in our world today is a well-known fact and any natural means of alleviating it is extremely important. Anxiety and stress in children is all too present – sadly an all-too-common occurrence in our communities today. At Happy Valley Bowen Therapy we specialize in relieving that. Whether it is related to school performance, self-image, friendships, family history of anxiety or other sources, Bowen therapy can help children of all ages.

Issues such as bedwetting in children, and colic in babies can be treated successfully with Bowen therapy.

Denise, as a former primary school teacher, has a keen interest in being able to help. Once the child is feeling better about his or her self and has the tools to be able to monitor the stresses, the child and family benefit immensely.

Due to it being such a gentle and effective therapy, Bowen therapy helps people of all ages from birth to the frail and elderly.

In short, every BODY is better with Bowen.

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