Back Pain

Back Pain


Relief from back pain
Back Pain !

whether chronic or acute, can be very debilitating.


How Can It Be Relieved?





Whether the origin of back pain is from overuse, incorrect posture, illness or injury, strain, work-related or any other source, back pain impinges on our everyday life often day and night. If we’re unable to get respite from back pain, our whole life suffers. Sleep problems can arise from back pain which in turn again affects our ability to perform daily tasks.

A Bowen Therapy session can treat back pain.

The spine, as a framework for our body, needs to be in perfect alignment if we are to avoid pain and use our body with maximum efficiency.


The underlying causes of back pain are often complex and diverse and may not be sited in the back at all. Often the back pain is secondary to another issue which will need to be addressed in order to alleviate the back pain.


Therefore, at Happy Valley Bowen Therapy a brief history of your presenting condition will be taken and postural and functional assessments will be performed to gain a deeper understanding of the source of any issues you may present with.

The Bowen practitioner will perform a set of gentle moves over the client’s muscles, tendons, ligaments or fascia which are designed to trigger impulses in the brain to:

  • stimulate healing,
  • release blocked energy,
  • improve blood flow and
  • facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Clients may also be treated in an upright position if necessary, and also in wheelchairs.


Pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments are done to indicate to you, the client, what has been achieved during the session.

When a client attends for Bowen therapy, an assessment is made as to where the origin of the pain / limitation may be. Any point from the top of the spine (at the base of the skull) to the endpoint of the spine (the coccyx) can, if misaligned, can cause back pain and associated issues.


Reasons for misalignment are also many and varied, and may not show up at the site of pain, restriction or discomfort.  Bowen therapy helps to address these issues so that the presenting condition can be alleviated. Depending on the severity of the condition or the nature of it – whether chronic or acute – often only a few sessions can see the problem resolved. It may well be that the underlying issue is resolved before the secondary issue but it is important to address both primary and secondary issues for lasting relief.


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